Why Should I Buy a House and Land Package?

11 February 2016

Buying a house and land package can get you into your new home sooner, says Jeremy Muir, Sales Manager at Plunkett Homes.

“That’s because all the design work has been done, and the house and the block are already a perfect match,” he says. “It typically makes for a more streamlined process, which in turn means we can get to site quicker and you can move in sooner.

“What’s more, having everything packaged together means you only have to do your finance once. Even though the house and the land are effectively separate purchases, you’re buying both at the same time and don’t have to double up on loan applications.”

First homebuyers and investors in particular are being attracted to Domain by Plunkett’s house and land packages, picking from homes large and small in estates both north and south of the city.

“Not only do they appreciate the convenience, but they also like the fact that a house and land package makes it easier to budget,” Jeremy says. “With this in mind, they’ll often take advantage of our turnkey packages, which give them a fully-finished house, right down to the carpets and the letterbox.

“Both first homebuyers and investors usually have a keen eye on budget and typically like a no-fuss design and construction process.”

Domain by Plunkett is constantly in touch with Perth’s residential developers, regularly matching its home designs to new blocks as they become available.

The builder lists its house and land packages on its website, where house-hunters can search by suburb if they have a particular area in mind.

A range of filters enables them to customise their search further, depending on the style of house they prefer, whether they’re looking for features such as a home theatre, study or activity room, and how many bedrooms they’re after.

“You can see at a glance the price of the package and where the land is, and you can view the floor plan and inclusions,” Jeremy says. “We’ve also included a map so you can see where the local amenities are, such as parks, schools and shopping centres. You can even ask questions using our online chat.

“There are no high-pressure sales techniques. You can browse at your leisure and get all the information you need before you even take a look at a block.

“And once you’ve chosen your house and land package, you can still work with one of our consultants to fine-tune the design so it’s tailored just for you.”

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